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Appointments August-October 2016

Hi, here are some interesting meetings/conferences I will be participating in in the coming two months. See you there! Aug 27: I will give an introductory lecture on Ethics at the IDEA Summer School on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (TU Delft, NL)

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Web lecture on the ethics of care robots

Here is a web lecture (12 min) on the ethics of care robots that I recorded for the TU Delft MOOC (online course) Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology. The lecture is based on my co-authored paper When Should We

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Talk on Care Robots at the University of Copenhagen

Tomorrow I will fly to Copenhagen, where, on Thursday March 3rd, I will give a seminar on the ethics of care robots at the Faculty of Public Health. I will talk about the use of therapeutic companionship robots like the

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